Student Life Guide Brighton

Student Life Guide Brighton

Brighton Beach

Here, youll also find the West Pier. Yes, it is a pier – it just doesnt stand upright anymore but has been winched upright and now leans like a mast. The West Pier offers incredible views over Brighton and the water and for those brave enough to walk out on it across the shingle beach, on the other side of which stands an abandoned ship that is gradually being taken apart by the sea. If you want to get up close look inside (there are viewing windows) or climb right up to its bow, then head to Kurants Restaurant & Bar for a drink.

The windows here open out onto a vertigo-inducing platform on top of the shipwreck where you can survey your surroundings with a drink in hand, Brighton Town Press ( If youre looking for a summer holiday full of adrenaline sports, Brighton is one of the best set of places to visit. The spot has got it all from a beach volleyball pitch to a jet ski hire service, bringing you lots of opportunities to get involved into active rest and charge your batteries by taking part in various water activities.

Alongside the seafront you can find numerous bars, pubs and nightclubs, which make your stay very entertaining and unforgettable. If you enjoy nightlife and fancy cocktails try out the famous Met Bar or Shoosh Club for some late-night fun. This is the largest, most impressive beach in Brighton. It takes up a good stretch of promenade and it is lined with incongruous hotels and their giant walled-in car parks. There are people here out of season, but the place feels empty compared to its summer throng.

I think about how much would have changed since the war the crowds of GIs in uniform; the thousands of people queuing to get on trains and ferries home. So after a few days of exploring and plenty of selfies, youre starting to get tired of Brighton. And just when you think the sun couldnt get any brighter, as if by magic, its time for a final summer glory: the British Airways Fireworks Party on Brighton beach.

This year it will take place on Saturday 16 August and if you want to go then youll need to be quick. Yet, if youre new to Brighton, you might not know which places are worth stopping at and which arent. Brighton beach venues come and go, but this list will give you a taste of what you can expect from Brighton, and help you plan your weekend – or week-long – holiday in the city.


One of the UK’s top three night out destinations, along with London and Manchester, there’s plenty on offer for the nightclub enthusiast in Brighton. Whether you’re looking for electro, indie or RnB/hip-hop, you’ll find it here in the heart of Brighton. With a strong reputation for diversity and subversiveness (a long history as an offbeat destination has meant alternative dress codes are welcome), there’s something to be said about Brighton’s creative credentials. The fantastic thing about Brighton is that whatever your taste or budget there’s somewhere to go.

From huge clubs such as Concorde2 (the biggest in the UK), to student-focused nights at The Hope and the Pavilion, there’s something for every night of the week.
<div style"background. If you are thinking of visiting Brighton, theres lots of useful information on the official website: www. brighton-hove. gov. uk. If youre here already, forget heading to London we can give you all the colour and culture you need. Seafront views and Brighton Marina alfresco dining.


The hills are alive with the sound of music. Over the decades, many legends and up-and-comers have called Brighton home. The citys music scene is one of the most vibrant in England, referred to as the UKs answer to Austin, Texas. This sunny citys live music calendar overflows with options—so much so that it cant be contained within a single calendar. Brighton Rock Club: Indie, garage rock, psychedelic rock, stoner rock, blues rock and at times even progressive indie rock can often be heard at this club which is host to local acts and touring bands from around England and abroad.

I’ve probably clocked up about 100 hours of music research for this book. Not on internet, though…I do that for work. No, Ive been out in the clubs and pubs listening to local bands. Ive tuned into my favourite radio station (the award winning BBC Radio Reverb) to get a feel for whats going down. And Ive hung around in the studio at my local recording studios gathering bits of info from the artists themselves.

Whats more, I was even kind of brave, and went to a poetry evening for some inspiration. I've lived in Brighton for the past ten years and believe it's one of the best cities in the UK. Slap bang in the middle of Sussex, sandwiched between London and the South coast, I was initially drawn to the city by its reputation as a top music venue. I wasn't disappointed. There are venues for all genres, from all eras: jazz clubs, big band bars, indie bars and pubs with big sound systems.

As a city, Brighton offers an eclectic music scene that no other place in the UK can hope to match. The county of Sussex has always been a haven for musicians, from jazz giants such as Kenny Ball to lesser-known acts like the now-defunct Car park North. Music venues generally do well here, especially those located in central Brighton, including the legendary Concorde 2. But Brighton is a hard city to get to know. It can be daunting when you have a lot of free time, what with the history and the music and the talking oh, and the art and architecture.

 It takes time, but make yourself familiar with this city that cares about its heritage and youll find yourself living in one of the most exciting places on Earth. Music. Music is a way of life in Brighton. Walk around the city and you might bump into legends past and present who’ve found a home in this unique location. With an estimated 500 bands in the city, and gigs every night of the week, you are bound to find something for you.


Brighton has a lively cultural scene. Its theatre and music  scenes are brimming with activity.  The city is home to 50 arts, performance and cultural organisations including 14 btheatres, two cinemas, numerous art galleries and five media centres plus the two universities. There’s also an ever increasing  number of annual festivals that take place in Brighton including: the Brighton Fringe Festival, The Brighton Festival, ArtFest, Digital Media Arts Festival, The Great Escape and many more.

While I was writing the first draft of this post, a new idea came to light – culture. Brighton is not only home to a well-varied selection of cultural activities and events, but it’s also home to a wide range of museums, galleries such as the Royal Pavilion in Brighton and the Red House, theatre companies, music venues and cinemas. That means you can go out and watch a play, go to the cinema or listen to an art exhibition.

If you fancy a night out, check the latest events listings. There are lots of bars and pubs that host live music and entertainment; you can catch up with friends at the city’s numerous cafes or restaurants; you can go ice skating on a public rink; there are other parks along the seafront and Brighton Pier has regular shows. If you're looking for a culture fix, Brighton has plenty of options to keep you occupied throughout the year.

Food And Drink

My stomach rumbled as I set out to explore Brighton. It was nearly lunchtime and walking up the road opened a plethora of options for my lunchtime meal.  This is what Brighton is all about food, drink and fun.  Brighton has staying power, its an up-and-coming city that is brimming with energy, creativity and excitement. So much so, people go there just to get away from it all.  There’s always something going on in this vibrant seaside city be it the annual Brighton Festival each May or Pride in August or one of the many concerts, plays and exhibitions at the city’s venues (including the new BEC and M&S at London Road.

At lunchtimes, and evenings, Brighton is packed with hungry office workers and tourists heading for a meal before sightseeing. Brighton has a host of restaurants to choose from — ranging from inexpensive Indian eateries to classy Italian-style places and everything in between. Most culinary delights are represented in the town, with a number of vegetarian restaurants offering healthy options. So you’ve moved to Brighton from another country, and you want to experience the best of what the city has to offer in terms of cuisine.

Or maybe you’re a Brighton local who loves trying new places. Either way, this guide will lay out the best options for eating out in Brighton so you can always come back to this article for a quick reminder. Theres a so much to eat and drink in Brighton that you could try something new every day of the year! Lets take a look at some of the best places to eat in Brighton.

Sport At Sussex: On Your Marks

Sport is a huge part of many students'lives here and you'll have plenty of opportunity to take part yourself. We have 11 sports clubs for both men and women as well as the Sussex Sports Union who organise inter-college competitions, social events and travel to away matches in the UK and Europe. More than 400 students enjoy playing for their college each year and there's also lots of support if you are not so sporty, with frequent lectures on nutrition, exercise science and yoga.

Our Sport Link initiative provides students with the opportunity to play competitive sport during their time at Sussex. We have a range of sports teams and take part in leagues across the south east these include men’s and women’s football, netball, badminton and rugby. These teams are for students of all abilities so there is something for everyone. Sport is a huge part of student life at Sussex. With so many activities taking place there’s something for everyone.

You’ll find opportunities to compete in team games such as football, hockey and netball or improve your fitness by swimming, playing squash or getting involved in athletics at the University Sports Centre. The University of Sussex provides an amazing sporting experience for all students, with a great range of social and competitive teams and several facilities to use. Last week I wrote about the social side of life at Sussex. Being part of a team can really help you to get into university life and make some great friends.

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