Bike Guide For The London To Brighton Bike Ride

Bike Guide For The London To Brighton Bike Ride

Martone Cycling Co Grand Diamond

The only thing more impressive than this bike is the view from here, a lofty spot deep in the Gironde countryside.  While Ive been on a few photo shoots in some spectacular scenery, this is one of the most epic Id say well seen anywhere, from ever  though Ive yet to see how spectacular an infinite curve might look framed behind a diamond-plated seat cluster. It might not be named after a diamond, but I certainly think the colour-scheme of the Martone Diamond bike should mean it has an extra shiny layer of rims.

 The Brooklynite is another great looking bike from this esteemed US brand and is available in your choice of either white or black, Brighton Town Press ( So where does the Moustache come in? Well, the powers at Martone thought it would be a great idea to break down their range and use handlebars to show you what each bike is all about. Each handlebar also has the make-up of a virtual Moustache, just incase you were wondering. Today, I am going to share my own experience and thoughts on the Martone Diamond Frame that I purchased.

I purchased this frame at the very end of 2012 so it is a little dated for most blogs and articles but a lot of pieces remains the same. A relaxed, modern cafe, its the perfect place for lunch if you fancy something a little bit different. Gars restaurant is one of the latter. ​. How long is the train journey from Brighton to Arundel?. They also have a venue on Church Road in Hove.

Pashley Poppy

The original Pashley Poppy was introduced in 2009. Collecting awards along the way, its been one of the most successful bikes weve ever made. The most popular version of this classic English town bike is the assisted pedalling model, which features two electric hubs, Q-triggers on the handlebars and a motor that can be switched on and off at traffic lights. This year we have introduced a range of gorgeous colours to choose from – along with two non assisted versions, one with a rear bag rack over mudguards and one both racks and mudguards.

The Pashley Poppy is a 21st century version of the classic 1950s English three-speed town bike. With her compact frame, leaf-spring saddle and mudguards, she is ready to ride with a new generation. Pashley wanted to build a British-made bike that was as durable and enjoyable as the bikes of the past and the result is the Poppy. The feminine frame design has no cromoly or carbon in sight, just good old steel and aluminium – because it lasts and doesn’t rust.

The Foffa Single Speed

The Foffa Single Speed is a bike I love. It’s the perfect city bike and easy to maneuver with no gears to worry about. The Hi-Ten steel frame really feels like it has been built with some care and is wonderfully smooth. Whether you’re going for an easy ride or getting on the hills in, the Foffa delivers all that you need from a single speed bike. The Foffa Single Speed. This is an upgraded and updated version of the Foffa bike.

The previous edition had an off-set fork which was considered subtle in the balance between strength and stability but was a criticism of the bike. The upgrade to a straight fork has straightened out this area though, making it more stable. The Foffa Single Speed racing bike features a Hi-ten steel frameset that's been carefully engineered for your safety and enjoyment. It weighs just over 11 kilos and the single speed gear allows for easy cruising, although the flip-flop hub also allows you to opt for free-wheeling (which is always good fun).

The Foffa is Italian for 'fun', and this bike has plenty of it. From the moment you see it you just know that it's going to be great fun to ride. The high quality paint job is lovely-looking but the Foffa doesn't just look good; it's good to ride too. The Pashley Poppy does everything you need from a vintage inspired bike. Theres no suspension but the ride is still smooth thanks to the springy saddle and large tyres.

Sirrus Comp Carbon Disc

The Specialized Sirrus Comp Carbon Disc has a lightweight, yet durable carbon frame that's designed for both short urban trips and recreational rides on your favorite trails. At under $1,000, this is the best road bike for commuting you can buy. The Shimano Claris drivetrain, with its ten-speed components, and the linear pull brakes provide an optimized ride in all conditions in terms of comfort and control. You'll also love the tires'Specialized Phenom Compound that combine durability and low rolling resistance with flat protection.

A carbon frame is crucial here as it’s super-light and will fare well on bumpy roads. This is the only bike that comes in under $1,000 that also has ten-speed gears, which means it can handle diversified terrain without losing momentum. The Specialized Zertz inserts between the fork and front suspension make sure these few pounds of carbon don’t go to waste when you’re riding brick roads. The disc brakes are my favorite for singletrack riding.

. The Sirrus Comp Carbon Disc is a hybrid bicycle from Specialized, which is one of the best brands when it comes to high-quality collapsible bikes. The Sirrus Comp Carbon Disc has the same carbon frame as the previous model, but it has ten-speed gears which will allow you to adapt to any terrain. This bike is perfect for cyclists who are looking for an eco-friendly bike that offers great performance. There are plenty of options for commuters when it comes to buying a new road bike.</p><h4>Charge 2016 Grater 3</h4>

This is one of the most popular bikes in Holland. This cycle can be left outside without getting rusty or damaged. The puncture-resistant tyres and durable wheels mean that you in for a comfortable ride. Its saddle and handles are incredibly comfortable, meaning you can really get some quality riding done. Water is something that this bike has had to endure plenty of, but it keeps its cool very well indeed and can be used in any rainstorm without fear of damage.

Staying fit is something a number of people now aspire to do but with limited access to gyms and facilities at home, many become frustrated. Electric bikes are the solution and this 2016 Grator 3 Urban Pedelec Bike is one of the best around for riders that spend most of their time in the city.  With an electric engine youll be able to reach speeds of up to 15 mph, keeping you on course and ready to tackle the hills.

The Charge 2016 Grater 3 is big and sturdy. Theres a reason this is the bike of choice for many food delivery companies. If you are worried about someone stealing it, theres even an anti-theft locking mechanism. It provides serious comfort to your bum, and support to the back which ensures no strain or injuries from a long shift, thereby ensuring a healthy work life balance. Inertia is the enemy of bicycle riders who are making their way through city traffic, but it’s the friend of commuters who can rely on being naturally propelled forward.

The Charge 2016 Grater 3 endeavours to combine the two riding styles into one complete and feasible package that will get you from A to B with all the comfort and lack of sweat you desire. The Charge 2016 Grater 3 will set you back by Rs 47,456, but is totally worth every penny. Available in two colours – Stealth Black and Sunset Orange, the bike is ideal for anyone who loves adventure and excitement but also likes to have a little fun at the same time.

Its a great bike for commuting as it will help you save a lot of money on fuel costs. This bike is built for urban dwelling with its myriad of convenient durability features. An anti-rust chain, puncture resistant tyres and durable wheels mean this can be kept outside without accruing much damage. The saddle and handles are award-winning, meaning youll also be in for a super comfortable ride. The key is finding one that will suit your commute over the next few years, while also being affordable enough to make you look forward to the start of your day.

Bobbin Scout 2016 Road Bike

It’s clear to see, the Scoot is a more open and confident machine than similarly priced bikes. It feels like there is more space between you and the ground, which can be attributed to the larger size wheels. So if youre worried about stability, you won’t have to be. Shortening the saddle height also felt ok on this model but we’d recommend getting them adjusted professionally since it is possible to tweak saddle position with handlebar-mounted controls.

I loved being able to see further ahead at junctions on this bike when riding in traffic, and was in a hurry to get home and ride it again and again…. Here at Gripped, we take a lot of care to know our biking products inside and out – this gives us the confidence we need to find the best bikes and components for all bikers. In our expert team, were lucky to have someone that knows his way around bikes inside-and-out – sure, he looks young, but trust us: hes one of the best in the business.

His name? Jack Bowden. Get ready for some 80′s era nostalgia with the Bobbin Scout Road Bike. The bullhorn handlebars are right out of the classic era driving this retro styled road bike. The frame is made of chrome-moly steel along with alloy mudguards, white bar tape and a vinyl saddle. Comes with a wheel set made of double-walled alloy rims. The classic styling definitely leans to a retro racer look with the cantilever brakes on the rear and the bar tape and saddle complimenting the white paintjob.

The alloy mudguards add to this, so youll certainly be able to show off the bike when youre out and about. But more than just a looker, this bike is a ride that will keep up with the fastest of commuters as well as a bike for longer trips. Its stiff alloy fork smooths out the road and offers you sturdy handling, while the quick-speed shifters make gear changes a breeze. Speed self-correcting wheels, puncture proof tyres and a chainguard keep the riding simple while tyre clearance, mounts for adding racks and the low standover height make this a practical prospect for adding some touring sturdiness to your life.

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