Asian Based Resturants In Brighton

Asian Based Resturants In Brighton


The food is fresh and the staff are friendly. Oh, I forgot the dim sum. They do dim sum. lots of them in fact and they are unusual. I can still remember the first time I ever tried it. it was Dim Sum with chicken liver! How's that for an appetising opener? In fact, the only disappointment on that occasion was that we were all too busy munching our way through a mountain of wonderfully presented dim sum to make time for doing anything else.

But let me say, Gars not only specialises in Chinese food but Asian food generally and their other dishes are equally impressive, Brighton Town Press ( Winning awards such as the, 'best dim sum in south east England'this is one of the few restaurants where you can have Dim Sum at lunch time as well. For something a bit different give Gars a try.  A recent addition is an innovative menu where you can choose from any of the dishes on the Gars main menu and have it served as Dim Sum.

My own favourite dish is the Peking duck wrap with sweet pancakes, hoi sin and spring onion and I'm salivating even now. Gars is located on the Hillier Street and is fairly close to the North Laine area, which is an excellent destination for shopping. Many of Brighton's hotels are also located in this part of town, so it is perfectly positioned for those looking to stay nearby. As you drive near Gars you will notice that there is a fair amount of free parking available in the area and it won't take you long to walk to the restaurant itself.

If you are after a dazzling array of Dim Sum Gars is not the place for you. You will not find whole sharks fins in a delicate broth here or any jelly fish or chicken feet. No, this is a small restaurant, with only 32 covers, where the menu offers twenty dim sum to choose from daily and five meat dishes. However, this is where the comparison with traditional alternatives ends. If Dim Sum is your thing then Gars is an outstanding option if you are in the mood for Chinese with an innovative twist.

Described as Chinese fine dining and with pan asian additions on the menu also, Gars restaurant in Brighton is a wonderful place for a lunch, a private party or a special occasion and it even has its very own Karaoke room should you need it. If you’re a food lover, Brighton is something of a paradise. As well as offering the usual ‘chain restaurants’ you will find in any other city, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants which are unique to Brighton serving food that is special to this part of the country.


Brimming with personality, MOSHIMO is the brainchild of sushi chef and owner Corin ‘Kumo’ Fraser. At the heart of Kumos work is a philosophy that all food is best when sustainable, and all of MOSHIMOs ingredients must be either locally sourced, organic or small-scale. Moshimo is one of those restaurants that Brighton has grown up with. It is one of those unique places quirky, original and likable. it is a place which defines Brighton as the city that just doesn't conform.

Moshimo is a family-run Japanese restaurant, a real hidden gem in the city. Not only does it serve the best sushi bowls in Brighton but all fish is sustainable, so its really good for the environment too. '. On arrival the place is buzzing – Moshi-Moshi, as they say in Japan. The reception and the waiting area are tiny, its almost cramped as you squeeze past to get to the bar and the sushi conveyor belt.

Curry Leaf Cafe

Whether you fancy a healthy lunch that really hits the spot, or a carry out meal to have at home with friends, the Curry Leaf Cafe is a great choice. Open for breakfast and lunch, it’s a great choice if you need a quick bite during your busy day. Book ahead to avoid disappointment (especially if you need a birthday cake!). For more information on how to order birthday cakes from Curry Leaf Cafe.

Curry Leaf Cafe offers a range of dishes for its customers. As you would expect this food is very different from the usual British food. It's more spicy and more flavoursome, with the menu including many options to choose from. On top of the ready made dishes you can also opt for their daily specials which include adventurous snacks such as conical shells dressed with fresh mint and spinach. Curry Leaf Cafe is an innovative, new addition to Brightons food scene.

Packed with flavour and conviction, the delicious menu at Curry Leaf Cafe is a must for those who want something a little bit different. Choose from a great range of dishes, catering for all tastes, and as with any good curry theres plenty of great craft beers on offer to go with it. The Curry Leaf Cafe is what I’d call an experiment, and a successful one at that. I’ve never eaten South Indian food before, and was really curious to try it.

And the Curry Leaf Cafe was conveniently located just down my road, so I decided to give it a try one afternoon. At the heart of the Curry Leaf Cafe is quality, fresh South Indian food. The cafe serves food that's unpretentious and honest. Using recipes from rural southern India, the creative menu has been inspired by seasonal availability and local provenance. Serving award winning South Indian Street food, the Curry Leaf Cafe is an innovative, new addition to Brightons food scene.

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