London To Brighton Travel Guide

London To Brighton Travel Guide


If you live in London and want to take a short vacation why not take the train to  Brighton. Train travel time from London Victoria is just under an hour. Why not get more information about the city before your visit here:  Information about Brighton. And if you need to travel back to London, Southern has a great, frequent service where trains run every 30 minutes or so. Heading to the city of Brighton for a weekend getaway with friends or exploring London on a day trip? The fastest way to get from London Victoria to Brighton is by direct train from London Victoria.

Trains depart roughly twice an hour and travel along a 50 minute route taking you directly to the heart of Brighton, Brighton Town Press ( Southern train’s direct link from London Victoria to Brighton will see you traveling direct in just under an hour. This could save you time, money and most importantly allow you to spend more time doing what you enjoy on the South Coast. As Londoners, we’re spoilt. There are plenty of ways to get to Brighton from the capital, and trains – both national and international – serve both the town and its surrounding areas well.

Aberdeen.  Aberdeen is the third largest city in Scotland and offers train connections from Edinburgh in around 4 and a half hours, Glasgow in 3 hours and Manchester in 7. 5 hours. There are many reasons to travelling by train with Southern Trains from London Victoria to Brighton. Here are 10 reasons to travel by train instead of driving. and 4 p. m. and 6 p. m. There are also several beach-bound buses that you can take to the trainstation (although these get busy in summer) and there's a coastal route into Brighton along the South Downs that gets 15mph speed limiters put on your bike by default, so take a bike with gears.

Getting To Brighton

Whether you want to head down for a day trip with the kids, or are planning a fun-filled weekend away with friends, we have got you covered. From trips down in the morning and back in the evening, to overnight stays you can choose how much time you spend soaking up all that Brighton has to offer.  We also offer a range of travel passes if you are planning on making multiple journeys in one week.

So just sit back, relax and let us take care of your journey. We have a dedicated coach service to every Brighton Pier. Although it can be cheaper to travel by rail, our customers prefer our quality executive coaches and personal service. Whether you’re after a short trip for one day, a longer trip for half-term, or an overnight stay in one of the hotels of the South coast, BrightonCoach will get you there. Getting to Brighton.

We know that Brighton days out should be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Thats why we operate a number of regular services to this fantastic city so you can spend more time planning what activities to do, and less time worrying about the travel. Efficient, regular transfers are what we are all about. We regularly take journeys to Brighton, and that's why our commitment to customer satisfaction guarantees our customers a reliable and comfortable service everytime.

Brightpod. com. Getting to Brighton has never been easier, conveniently located on the mainline rail system with stops from London Victoria and London Bridge. You can also get to us by coach via National Express or other carriers. When going to Brighton from anywhere in the UK, it's important to get your travel sorted in advance, and we can help you do that with our regular services for this seaside resort on England's south coast.

Things To Do In Brighton

The first thing on the list should be Brighton Pier, which is located near The Lanes. The original pier, built in 1823, fell victim to storms in 1896. It was rebuilt by Eugenius Birch and opened two years later. For a little piece of Brighton history, check out Pavilion Gardens. This is an elaborate space with a bandstand, statues and fountains that was built in memory of Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert. If you love roses, plant lovers will enjoy the Great Pavilion at the Royal Pavilion estate.

Built as a seaside retreat for George IV, this building has four floors filled with treasures from India and China. There are plenty of things to do in Brighton. One of the best things about Brighton is that it has something for everyone. Whether youre seeking active adventure or a relaxing retreat, there are plenty of things to do in Brighton that are sure to please. Once a favourite destination of George IV, Brighton has a cluster of historic sites that should all be at the top of your must-see list.

There are many things to do in Brighton, and if youre planning a city break here, youll most likely have to fit it all in over just a few days. To help you plan an unforgettable itinerary, weve listed 20 of the best things to do in Brighton. My Brighton, once the resort of choice for George IV and five-time queen Caroline of Brunswick, is still a destination with class. From my own experience I can recommend the following.

Buying Tickets

Your tickets are valid for any connecting train services up to midnight on the day or time shown in the table on the ticket. Return journeys must be made within 28 days. With a Super Off-Peak ticket you can travel after 9. 30am, any day of the week except Fridays and bank holidays unless your journey includes an Anytime or Off-Peak train that starts before this time. When you buy a ticket, make sure it’s the right one for your journey.

Not all stations have ticket gates or barriers. Some only have ticket offices so you’ll need to buy a ticket before you travel and collect it from the station before boarding your train. There are two types of ticket machine you can use at some train stations. You can buy e-tickets using a credit or debit card, including contactless payment cards, giving you the option to print your tickets at home or use an app on your phone.

To buy tickets to travel from Bournemouth, first visit the  South West Trains website. Select your journey and then click 'Buy tickets'. The next page will show a journey planner where you can enter your route. You can find ticket machines at most of the staffed railway stations in England and Wales. While Brighton is famous for its piers, it also boasts a cluster of historic sites that should all be at the top of your must-see list.

Travelling From London To Brighton

You are probably aware that there is an Oyster card season ticket available for unlimited travel on trains during a 1-month period between London and Brighton. But do you know how much it costs? How many zones does the area contain? And which trains have more space than others? In this article, I outline the answers to these questions as well as give my tips and suggestions for making the most of your journey from London to Brighton.

If you’re travelling with a friend or family member, then you can save over £5 by buying one ticket for two people at the same time. However, if you buy two single tickets, then you each pay the Off-Peak Return fare. In some cases, buying one ticket for two people is more expensive than purchasing two individual tickets. This can happen when buying two tickets on the day of travel. Heading to Brighton? Great. In addition to the direct trains, there are also a lot of services every day.

Popular Train Journeys To Brighton

The popularity of Brighton as one of the top UK destinations means that trains are a popular choice for both business and leisure travellers between London and Brighton. Getting the most out of your journey to Brighton by train is essential if you want a pleasant experience. A journey can be daunting at first glance but there are many ways in which you can make it easier. A list of popular train journeys to Brighton.

These are the most popular train journeys to Brighton because they are the quickest and easiest way from the other UK destinations. A lot of these journeys also stop at Gatwick Airport, and some even call at London Bridge station before stopping at Brighton. There are also hundreds of other places that you can travel from to reach Brighton. Popular journeys tend to be from Scotland and north-east England. The London Brighton route is a direct train line and there are no train changes needed for most destinations.

Visiting Brighton

Taking some time out in Brighton is the perfect opportunity to explore the delightful beach cafes, and even capture a unique selfie at the newly-added statue of a gorilla wearing sunglasses (which I’ll admit sounds weird but was actually rather hilarious). If this isn’t your cup of tea, then you could pay a visit to one of Brighton's many art galleries, or do a spot of shopping in the city centre. The Royal Pavilion has been visited by countless tourists over the centuries.

Built in 1787, it contains a fine collection of oriental furniture and porcelain amongst many other treasures. Due to its popularity, visitors should book tickets ahead of time to avoid disappointment. There are plenty of fun things to do in Brighton for children, parents and whole groups. Sunset Celebration, held on the beach at Brighton Marina, is full of circus acts and music as well as street entertainers and a zip wire! The Grand Pier is home to a variety of different shows including gangster comedy ‘Alphabetical Order’ or the Michael McIntyre equivalent with ‘Showtime Live’.

Hove Lawns has attracted international artists such as George Michael last year and Vanessa Mae this year. As well as all of this it boasts its very own brewery, the Bright Reveller. Another Brighton landmark which is worth a visit is the Royal Pavilion. Located just inside the Palace Gardens, visitors can tour the Pavilion — which once acted as a palace for the Prince of Wales, later King George IV, — free of charge.

Not far from the Palace is the Brighton Aquarium. With more than 9,000 creatures from around the world, it is home to people-friendly crocodiles and beautiful jellyfish tanks. Visiting Brighton. That’s the sentence that was used to break into this blog post about my trip to Brighton. I chose it as an opening paragraph and did that quite consciously, because it makes a promise of sorts to the prospective reader.  There are two elements of mystery in those three little words: What is ‘visiting Brighton?’ And why should you do it?.

Why Brighton? The English seaside town of Brighton has much to offer for couples and family holidays. From Brighton Pier to Brighton Palace Pier, adventures are just a short drive away. A wide variety of attractions can be found in Brighton, from side-by-side piers to action-packed adventure parks. The last timetabled service back to London, on weekdays, is at around 21:50. On weekends it leaves a little later, at around 22:10. But don’t worry — the last trundles back at 23:55 every day.

2. Book Tickets To Brighton In Advance

However, if you find that the return journey is not available, don’t worry. Tickets for some Rail companies such as Virgin and Grand Central are released up to 3 months before your journey date. A downfall to booking in advance is it can make things difficult in regards to day-to-day planning. If you purchase your return tickets 6 weeks before the date of departure, it means that only 4 weeks remain to plan where you stay each night.

Some people like to be spontaneous so this could work against you. Nonetheless, trains have perks when it comes to traveling abroad. You can get up and move around throughout the journey allowing yourself to take photographs from carriage windows or even grab some sleep if needed (if your train ticket doesn’. Having a good g a m e plan for you and your fellow GoT fans is also vital. To keep the details of all our favorites to ourselves, we’re planning sessions with some Game of Thrones bingo games! If you still have no idea what this show is or whether you want to travel to Brighton to see it, check out the below video from YouTube.

3. Travel During Off-Peak Times

A travel by train from London to Brighton is a great way to enjoy the scenery. It's about 91 miles from London to Brighton by train and depending on which direct trains you choose; it could take between 1 hour 25 minutes and 2 hours 35 minutes. To plan your journey, first find the right route in our Journey Planner. This will show you how long the route will take, what time you arrive at your destination and how much it costs.

You can use flexible dates so you can play around with departure and return times and different ticket types until you're happy with your options, then book tickets. The best journeys are those that are direct; if your journey would involve changing trains a lot or making many stops along the way, you may. Its not just us who think this is a good way to travel, or when you plan your journey and its often much more relaxing to have a seat on board a train that isn't bursting at the seams with commuters.

Theres no need for an Off-Peak train ticket either, our Anytime Day Return tickets are great value for money and if your journey starts after 10am you could save up to 40% by buying an Anytime Day Return. Are you a regular traveller to Brighton? Then its worth looking at season tickets. If you regularly travel between your starting station and Brighton, then a season ticket is likely to save you lots of money. The best part of a season ticket? Your ticket can start and end in different places.

If you travel by train, you might be able to save money by traveling in the same way as during the Off-Peak. You could also get an extra discount with a railcard. For example, if you use your 16–25 Railcard or Senior Railcard for a ticket from London to Brighton then it. So we’ve established that Off-Peak times are cheaper than Peak times, but you don’t want to travel during the middle of the night.

So, how do you find cheap train tickets to Brighton that aren’t booked during an Off-Peak time? We have a few tips to help. Now that you've booked your Airbnb, its time to book your train tickets! If youve come from London, theres a huge chance you're coming in on the train from Victoria or London Bridge station. For this specific journey, it would be best to book with South Western, they have regular and fast services which will get you to Brighton asap.

4. Travelling As A Group? Use Groupsave

At Offpeak. co. uk we often find ourselves searching for the cheapest ways to go on holiday. The thing is, you don’t just pay for your ticket to take advantage of GroupSave. You can actually book the popular days in advance at a reduced price and pick up as many cheap tickets as are available. How does GroupSave work? It’s incredibly simple. You can apply the discount to any number of people travelling together, it’s just how many that matters here.

When booking your tickets, click on Railcards and go through to the 'GroupSave'page, if you're travelling with 3-9 people. Just add your name, email address email address and tick that you are a member of the group. You'll be emailed a voucher with a code that you can then enter when booking your tickets online! To learn more about GroupSave visit Bulk discounting has always been a part of rail travel.

GroupSave, as the name suggests, offers this on group purchases alongside a small discount for every individual fare. The ability to apply this discount is significant when planning with friends or family; if you're all going to London and backheading from different train stations it could be that you each save 25% off your rail fares. What does it cover?      GroupSave is pretty flexible. If you're travelling by train with a group of 10 or more people (maximum 4 adults) and all your tickets are booked via this website, you'll be covered by our GroupSave discount.

Which Train Companies Run Trains To Brighton?

There are three train companies that run trains to Brighton, the first is Southern. With people making use of Southern's services for over a century they have built up a reputation for offering high quality, comfortable services and excellent value. Riding on one of their modern trains you will be able to whizz through the South East with ease. They offer both regional and long distance services meaning that you can visit destinations such as London, Southampton or Portsmouth from Brighton in a fun and hassle-free way.

In fact, it is worth noting that Southern’s attraction to many commuters means that their long distance services are among the most affordable in the UK. I wondered which train companies ran trains to Brighton and so I did some digging. Brighton is a popular seaside town in the south east of England that receives an average of 7 million visitors each year. The city offers a variety of things to do including visiting attractions, shopping, dining and drinking.

There are also various museums such as the Royal Pavilion and The Laines, as well as events, festivals and concerts. Train companies that run trains to Brighton include Thameslink, Southern and the Gatwick Express. There are also a number of other train companies running trains to Brighton from further afield. The core routes which serve Brighton are the Brighton Main Line and the slow lines via Haywards Heath, Three Bridges or Lewes. There are a number of train companies in the UK that operate trains to Brighton, including Thameslink, Southern and the Gatwick Express.

How Can I Get Cheap Train Tickets To Brighton?

Where, oh where do I start! There are so many awesome things to see and do in Brighton. Its a city with character and charm, it truly is! And even though its a relatively small city, you can easily visit some of the top attractions in England on a day trip from London. Its easy to grab yourself cheap train tickets to Brighton and there are plenty of ways to save when you book in advance or travel at off-peak hours.

Finding cheap train tickets can depend on a lot of different things, such as the price of the train ticket when you buy them and how far in advance you buy them for. Tickets to Brighton are normally expensive, but it could be very cheap if you book your tickets in advance or you can also use a railcard to get cheaper tickets to Brighton. How can I get cheap train tickets to Brighton?. There are a few different ways to buy a ticket for your journey to Brighton.

Read on to find out more about cheap train tickets and how you can save yourself money on your travel costs. We’ve even got a guide to help you find cheap train fares online. How can I get cheap train tickets to Brighton?. Its easy to grab yourself cheap train tickets to Brighton. We'd recommend using a Railcard, buying your ticket in advance or travelling during Off-Peak hours if you can. Here are some of the best tips on how to get cheap train tickets to Brighton.

Are Trains Running To Brighton?

Are the trains running to Brighton? There are direct train services to Brighton from London, Reading and Gatwick Airport. You can get a return ticket for as little as £23 or a day return for about £10. 50 each way depending on whether you travel in peak or off peak time. Trains run hourly from around 6. 30am until 10pm Monday to Friday but at weekends there are later trains from London to Brighton up until mid evening.

Are trains running to Brighton? is not a question you ask yourself every day. After all, you’ve probably never thought of taking the train to Brighton. Surely there are quicker ways to get there. But with many people starting to use public transportation more frequently, the prospect of taking the train to Brighton becomes easier and easier. Are trains running to Brighton?. Brighton has several train stations, and servicing the area with services from London is an important part of their economy.

Trains are available for journeys across the city, and regular trains run daily to Brighton. Trains are running to Brighton from London. Trains run frequently almost every day to Brighton, although there may be less services during the weekends and bank holidays. Check our live train times for up-to-date information on trains to Brighton. Are trains running to Brighton?.  Trains run frequently almost every day to Brighton, although there may be less services during the weekends and bank holidays.

Check our live train times for up-to-date information on trains to Brighton. Are trains running to Brighton?. For details on how to get from London Terminal stations to Brighton, please visit our travel information section. Save money and time by using a railcard, purchasing in advance or taking off-peak services. There are a number of train companies in the UK that operate trains to Brighton. These include Thameslink, Southern and Gatwick Express. The discount applies to the standard anytime fares found in the Anytime, Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak fares and is rounded down to the nearest pound.

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