Brighton Nightlife Guide

Brighton Nightlife Guide

Brighton Nightlife At Its Best

There are variety of different clubs in Brighton to choose from, with a variety of different themes. Nightclubs in Brighton offer a number of different music styles and events, so there is something for everyone who enjoys clubbing. Although these choices can often make it difficult for you to choose which club to go to, we have simplified the selection process by creating this list of the top nightclubs in Brighton. If one were to ask the locals for a list of day trip ideas or weekend plans, many would suggest Brighton nightlife.

As you would expect from such an idea, it’s renowned for having some of the very best venues that the city of Brighton has to offer, Brighton Town Press ( There are a few different areas in Brighton that have become famous for their late-night entertainment. One example of this is the Lanes, also known as The North Laines, where you will find many bars and clubs around the area. No one knows Brighton’s nightlife quite like the locals.

In this guide you can expect to find out where Brighton’s most popular bars and clubs are, what sort of mixes they play, and what nightlife is best for whom. Brighton has a reputation for its live music and club scene. There are many bars, clubs and music venues, to suit most tastes, and the number of live music venues in and around Brighton has been on the rise. What’s the best nightlife in Brighton? That’s a question I hear quite a lot.

Not Ready For The Party Vibe?

If you stand outside the building, there’s no big signage to indicate that L’Atelier du Vin is lurking behind a few columns, you do however get a taste of the 1920s vibe with the prohibition-style big curtains and subtle mauve lighting. And, as if to emphasise this speakeasy-style vibe, on entry you are greeted by the barman at an intimidating looking bar and asked to make your way around to the back of the restaurant via a narrow corridor – it really does feel like you’re passing through a secret bar.

Although the 1920s vibe is strong, with wall to wall glamorous people, red curtains and jazz tunes, this trendy bar is far from dry. Hidden away on York Place, this eclectic venue is filled with every kind of wine you can think of and boasts the largest wine list in Brighton. It also offers vintage cocktails and some fun events like Jazz Under The Stars. And rightly so, as people want to make sure they enjoy their time in Brighton and have a fabulous time.

Wine Oclock?

If you love wine, Brighton is one of the best places in the UK to enjoy a glass or two.  Brighton boasts an impressive number of independent wine-focused bars and restaurants. There are wine bars for all moods and occasions, too. Whether it's a romantic dinner for two or drinks with friends, Brighton will be sure to quench your thirst…if you're not careful. Many people travel to Brighton, and Hove in search of drinks and the famous “pub culture” Brighton is known for.

If you are planning on going out in Brighton, you will find a variety of restaurants that have amazing food and wine, combined with outdoor seating and a live band. The combination of all these elements is sure to make your night unforgettable. A trip to Hove is not complete without a visit to one, or all, of the city's many bars and restaurants. Whether you are looking for a quiet supper in the bistro's serving up decent French fare or are after a rowdier evening hanging out with your pals, Brighton has something for all tastes.

Wine oclock is basically like a pub quiz but with wine. Teams compete for prizes by answering questions about wine, and team names are encouraged. With hundreds of wines to try and plenty of time to chat over many more it makes for a great way to spend an evening in Brighton and Hove. If you want to sample the best wine, as well as get a flavour of Brighton nightlife, perhaps you should consider heading to one of these chill out bars.

This will allow you to drink and dine at the same time. There's a lot on offer here in Brighton and Hove when it comes to wine, and you probably won't have the chance to try every vineyard with every type of wine. But you can certainly try your best. On the east and south side of the marina there are a number of residential buildings made up of townhouses and apartments, some of which come with their own moorings.

Nothing Beats A Proper Boozer

A no-frills approach is taking over the pub industry, with chains such as Yates’s scrambling to hold on and independent pubs falling out of fashion. However, Brighton boozers are not prepared to go down the posh route yet. These are the kind of pubs that put their heart over their head and have character in abundance. Too many times have I been to a pub that tries too hard to be something they’re not, which can be quite a let-down.

So when you find a pub that has gone under the radar, you tell people about it in the hope it doesn’t get taken over by bar consultants or refurbished beyond recognition. That‘s what I intend to do with this. A fine selection of the finest boozers make Brighton extremely popular with pub crawlers. The city is host to the Great British Pub awards every year, which is testament to its popularity. Keep in mind that there are also some excellent and friendly pubs available for those who want to grab a bite while they have a few drinks.

All in all, the creativity of Brighton's pubs makes them a reason anyone should pay the city a visit. One of the things I love about Brighton is the range of pubs it has. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to grab a pint or two, or somewhere to get a bite to eat while you wait for your mates who are already inside, the city has everything you could want. Brighton is also home to several restaurants and bars as well as plenty of smaller places to choose from if you’re out on the town with a smaller group.

Brighton is renowned as a boozers paradise, and rightly so. From the beautiful Brighton Pier pub to the more classic Sticky Micks, there are hundreds of venues with something different on offer. If beer is not your poison then there are many cocktail bars and wine bars, plenty of which have a late license and can offer entertainment too. You really can’t go wrong with pubs in Brighton enjoy. Brighton is a tourist city with good reason.

It offers a variety of entertainment for all ages, and they know how to party here. A thing you’ll quickly notice in Brighton is the nightlife. You will find an abundance of various pubs with some being hidden gems that you'll end up loving more than others. You are spoiled for choice when it comes to pubs in Brighton. From ‘The Lanes’ area of the city to Seven Dials, you will find a wide variety of options waiting for you.

Great Eats Before The Beats

Bohemia, in the West End of the city, really cuts a dash late in the evening. Its decor is a reflection of its quirky and unique personality. There are quirky green metal escapement mechanisms on every table, pressed leather linings, stained glass accents and Bohemias ever-present flea market art (all for sale). Bohemia stands out as one of Brighton's current fixtures in the food and drink industry. With its striking design and long list of creative burgers it manages to attract a crowd of all ages, including plenty of young professionals on their way home from work.

The bar staff work hard but they're brilliant at what they do. They always manage to deal with large crowds and never get flustered. Bohemia is a well established and reputable award winning restaurant located in the Lanes of Brighton. Bohemia has a reputation for serving high quality food, including fresh fish from the famous Brighton Seafront, and has a great line up of live entertainers playing on open mic nights. Head to Bohemia either before or after you hit the town.

Bohemia is open every evening and this gives you flexibility in your pre-night or post-night plans. Bohemia is a large venue located in the heart of Brighton and it has become one of the most popular places within the city to head before a night out. Bohemia serves food throughout the night which means you can either have one or two drinks here before heading on to party or you can spend an hour or two enjoying some delicious cuisine followed by a few rounds of beer.

With venues in North Laines and Falmer, Bohemia is one of the best places in Brighton to grab food and drinks before a night on the town. Bohemia prides itself on its vegetarian, vegan, and GF options. Unsurprisingly these change with the season but you can always find great soups, roasted veg bowls, curries and pizza. There's plenty of options to choose from if you're looking for a pre-night out meal and it doesn't all have to break the bank either.

Brighton is filled with plenty of gourmet burger spots including Grillstock. You can also venture to The Coast where there's loads of pizza outlets to choose from too. Bohemia is a really wacky place to eat or drink in Brighton. It has a very speakeasy, 1920s vibe and is very dimly lit and lively during the summer months when the weather is good. It's a bit of a trek from central Brighton but it's well worth it given how great the food is.

Trendy Treats

If you are in the mood for a more formal meal, then Drakes is a fabulous choice and Terre a Terre is one of the UKs top vegetarian dining experiences. Fancy something spicy, no problem. If you are traveling to London with family or friends and want to experience classic British fare then there's always The Wolseley, Claridge's, Simpson’s-in-the-Strand, The Ivy and The Savoy Grill. If their aren't any shows happening at the time you're visiting London, then theatre bookings are available at all these venues too.

In the mood for a bit of an ‘out there’ dining experience that is comfort food with a twist? You’ll love these trendy treats. Here’s our Best Food & Drink (Not just in Brighton) guide to restaurants and cafes you must try on your next holiday to the area. I am also listing the best places to stay in Brighton, as well as some insider travel tips. If you are a bit of an early riser then Seven Dials is a great breakfast destination.

It’s just up the road from Victoria station and has a great atmosphere to accompany your morning meal. Or if you prefer to dine in the evening, then Coq d Argent in Bishopsgate is a very popular place for dinner. Etch   It is located in a lovely little corner with enough room for 10 people. The service is pretty good as well. One of my friends visited Etch and said it was delicious. There are some places where you can sit outside too like the one on Fore St, which is ideal for larger groups.

Dance Until The Sun Comes Up

You have read the stats, you know that Brighton is some of the best for nightlife. From bars and lounges with live music to clubs which play only the best in techno and house music, Brighton is the ultimate party town. Whether you are young at heart and want to feel that youthful feeling which comes from dancing until the sun comes up, or your just in town to have a blast with friends or on a romantic getaway, Brighton is sure to make things special.

Before you head out for a night on the town, make sure to check out our guide to the best Brighton clubs. We've got all the best clubs, bars, and eateries in one easy-to-read guide listing places both near and far. Our goal with this guide is to give you all the information you need to have a great time out so that you aren't left wondering what the best spot for drinks in town is this week.

Brighton is known as a fabulous party town with people travelling here from far and wide to hit the town. Brighton nightclubs are some of the most popular in the country, so this is why you need to be prepared. Discos in Brighton are a lot of fun and you will love the atmosphere. These clubs play a diverse range of music and give you plenty of room to dance. There are a wide variety of clubs in Brighton and you will find something to suit your tastes, be it insanely loud, relaxing or somewhere you can dance the night away.

There is a good club for everyone here at Brighton so relax in the comfort of knowing you wont be spending all night queuing up outside. If your Monday morning alarm is about to go off, its time to get up from the bed and head towards the dance floor. Brighton nightclubs are known for their fabulous nights, spellbinding atmosphere and some of the brightest DJs that will set you on fire all night long.

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