Brighton Marina

Brighton Marina

The Brighton Marina Company was incorporated in 1970 with leasehold powers under the Brighton Marina Act 1968. The company was set up by a group of local businessmen, chaired by Colin Paine.  Initially owned by a consortium, it was offered to the public for sale on 5 February 1972. The 25,000 applicants were reduced to just over 1,000 and the shares were offered for sale at £25 each with no deposit required. Buyers had to purchase shares in multiples of 100 and had 14 days to complete their purchases.

Avoiding the boom-or-bust nature of earlier share issues in the UK, this unprecedented method of sale proved successful and raised £3 million for the company, Brighton Town Press ( The Brighton Marina Company was formed in January 1973 to execute the construction of the marina which involved the building of an outer rock wall to protect the inner harbour, dredging and ferrying in millions of tons of material to construct dry land on which to build a mixture of residential and commercial developments.

The eastern end of the site was designated as South Quay, consisting of 61 acres (250,000 m2) for light industry, offices and associated facilities. The inner harbour was designated as North Quay costing £3 million to construct. Even though planning permission was granted in the 1970s, the marina did not start construction until 1983. According to the Pevsner Architectural Guide for the County of East Sussex, Brighton and Hove, p 169,  the reason for the long delay was 'arguably more to do with the development financing than with local political wrangling.

Marina Facilities

The marina is located at the eastern end of The Esplanade, on the south side of the entrance to Brighton Marina. It is characterised by rows of pontoons linked by a network of access bridges, with two large swimming pools, one reserved for residents and one available to visitors using the marina's facilities. There also is a pub called the "Pontoon Palace". A marina is a dock or facility where boats are stored and/or docked, whether for paying guests or privately owned.

Usually located adjacent to a resort, hotel, or commercial and recreational marina harborage area with repair facilities (commonly called a boat yard), it is also accessible to the public from the shore by some form of water craft. Marina chandler provides a wide selection of new and used commercial boats for sale. Our commercial boat inventory spans across many categories of vessels including delivery services, work boats, luxury cruisers, fishing boats and more. We have hundreds of listings on the network to assist boaters who are looking to purchase a new or used boat.

Marina services. Operated by Premier Marinas, the marina provides 1,600 berths along with various ancillary services including a boatyard and fuel berth. Other marina services including boat sales, equipment shops and boat trips are provided by a variety of commercial operators. Premier Marinas, a group of private marinas around the UK, took over Kipling Marine Centre shortly after the Kipling concession ended in November 2006. The site is now known as Marina Quay.


There is no great development of residential housing around the marina, and the number of residents who actually live on boats on the marina is relatively small. There used to be a small number of residential flats towards the west end of the basin, close to the entrance, but these were demolished many years ago when maintenance became too much of a problem. On the east side of the marina there is a large apartment building called the Manor.

It has its own share of amenities including its own pool, tennis courts, and a recreation area. Many of the residents here are older retirees or seasonal renters. There are also several high rise buildings on South East Road which offer a location for many Miami professionals. There are several maritime themed restaurants with outdoor terraces overlooking the marina. These include the Potters Marina Bar and Restaurant and the Yacht Club bar and restaurant.

A number of shops, such as clothing stores, art galleries and interior design stores, are also located around the marina. On the east side the marina is lined with four story apartment buildings. There are a number of one and 2 bedroom apartments that offer their own moorings or dockage. Some of these apartments also offer their own private boat slips for sale. On the west side of the marina there is an office building, and two hotels; the Solent Hotel and neighbouring Venna Hotel.

One of the hotels has its own private marina with ten permanent residential berths. On the east side of the marina there are three residential towers (The Verandah, The Strata, and The Loft) while the The Nest is located on the south side of the marina. ──────────. In March 1997 the British Holiday & Home Parks Association (BH&HA) awarded a Charter Mark Award to Brighton Marina in recognition of its 'most outstanding standards throughout [.

Expansion Plans

It is proposed that the development would consist of two main retail areas and one large leisure area with several restaurants offering an alfresco dining experience. The scheme also includes a 100-berth marina, with 70% available for private use and 30% reserved for boat chartering. The plans propose the construction of around 650 bays to cater for boat owners and holiday makers with an average stay of six weeks. It has been claimed the development could add up to ?40m to annual sales in Brighton & Hove.

Attractions And Businesses

On the northeast side of the marina there is a commercial area that features restaurants such as The Ship restaurant and Bar, The Pumphouse, and The Spinnaker pub as well as Waterside Cafe and a fishmongers. There is also a number of boat chandlery companies and storage places for boats. A few small boatyards exist on the northwest side of the marina next to the tidal creek. At the centre of the marina is a seawall and boat ramp, which was built with the assistance of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, which had hitherto used the area as a base for its activities until it relocated to Sai Kung.

The marina also has protected scavenging areas for marine animals so that marine animals can still feed in an opening of the sea walls. On the west side of the marina there are a few bars and restaurants, a dive shop, and an office building. The Westin St. John resort, an Auberge hotel, has been recently built. On the west side of the marina there is a group of homely looking residential buildings on land that is separated from the main part of Lauderdale by A1A (Federal Highway).

Outer Harbour Development

The proposed development has attracted controversy in the local area. Opponents of the scheme set up the Save the Brighton Marina Campaign Group to oppose it. The group claim that the proposed development is too large and will create an unpleasent prospect for residents of Saltdean and parts of Brighton. However, other groups such as the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, and Sussex Archaeological Society (SAS), have backed South Street as a "compelling" proposal that could strengthen Sussex's tourist industry.

In April 2006, Fine Architecture were chosen by the Crown Estate to design a £50 million marina extension []. Under the initial plans, a new footbridge would have been built to link the marina with Sussex Square by 2009. The planning application also contained proposals to enhance the existing promenade and make other improvements at Seafront Station. However, these aspects of the application were suspended by Brighton & Hove City Council in March 2007 in order to conduct further surveys and investigations into their feasibility.

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