Brighton Bike Travel Information

Brighton Bike Travel Information

Tandem Bike Hire

Tandem bike hire is available in weekend and weekday packages. For weekend bookings, you can hire up to a Tandem for £35. 00 for 2 hours or £45. 00 for 4 hours, which can take you anywhere along our traffic-free cycle network. On weekdays, the prices are a little steeper; the standard price is £30. 00 for 2 hours or £50. 00 for 4 hours; this includes a helmet and a throat mic so you can communicate with your tandem partner effectively while cycling along closed roads.

Pedal Power is North East England’s best tandem cycle hire operators, Brighton Town Press ( Hire a tandem today and get cycling. Both adult and child tandems are available so you can cycle with friends, family or a loved one. For those who have never tried riding a tandem before we offer training session prior to your ride. There’s only one place in Perth that offers bicycle hire, and it’s guaranteed to get you the ride of your life! Whether you want to hire a tandem for you and partner, or just take out one of our regular bikes, it will make it easier for you to accelerate along the traffic free paths of Perth CBD.

Tandem Bike Hire is a family owned bike hire business based in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. We are big fans of cycling and our aim is to make it possible for everyone to enjoy the experience. Tandem Bike Hire. Looking for a bit of adventure on your ride, hire one of our tandem bikes. No letting up in the back though. Our traffic free routes are the perfect place to try it out. Tandem bike hire is perfect for couples, families, friends, or anyone who wants to take on a different riding challenge.

White Cliffs In Ten Minutes

We start at the historic village of Rottingdean, which has been an important trading town since the 11th century. It was once one of the busiest ports in England due to its location and connection to London by train. Today, inhabitants are less likely to trade and more likely to go fishing on the coast. The village is situated along the eastern bank of the Ouse Valley and faces the English Channel. This largely untouched landscape has been considered to be of special interest biologically due to its insect life and fauna, especially birds.

(1). If you live in Brighton and fancy a ride out, but don’t have the whole day to play with, White Cliffs is a cracking place not to be missed. Around ten minutes outside the city, Rottingdean Village is just a short cycle away where you can join the National Trust. Peering down from the cliffs to the south of Brighton, The Seven Sisters are England’s first natural heritage site and one of my favourite places on earth.

That morning I had promised myself that once I got to Rottingdean I would take a break and enjoy the view from the Signal Box. Going up Beacon Hill was pretty tough – my legs were already heavy – but after that unrideable steep descent, my will to get down to The Lanes grew stronger. The white cliffs go north from Brighton for over 12 miles on the coast line. It is possible to walk to Rottingdean and even beyond, but there are some nice sections of the cliff which can be saved by a few minutes cycle ride.

It’s not often a ride is described as ‘magical,’ but in my opinion, that’s the perfect way to describe what you’ll experience when you ride the White Cliffs Tour. If you’ve taken the route through White Cliffs or Rottingdean Village, then you’ll know it can be a bit of a squeeze. But don’t worry – we have your back. For shopping head to the North Lanes restaurants for smarter eateries, or South Lanes for more quick-bite options.

Bike Experiences

On one of our hybrid cycles you’ll also gain a unique perspective on the city. Our cycle tours are traffic free, which means you can concentrate on enjoying the sights and sounds of the city while you pedal. After all, there’s nowhere to go but into the history books with us. With more and more visitors and citizens around the world getting hooked on cycling, we think it’s time to share in this growing passion in Dubai, so get pedalling with us in the city.

Do you love bike rides but find you don't quite have the stamina of Lance Armstrong? Then why not hire one of our tandems to give you a helping hand? Riding in double will give you an extra boost over those hills separating you from your destination point. Our traffic free routes are the perfect place to try it out and see for yourself how cycle hire can make your ride even more enjoyable. Hmm.

What sort of first sentence should I use…? Here’s one: Useful information on tandem bikes and what it’s like to ride them, can be found here. Just make sure you say “tandem bike” at least once, the temptation to write something like “specialist tandem bike hire and production specialists, can supply all tandem bike related needs” may be too great to resist. The Devon & Exeter Canal towpath is a traffic free ride, perfect if you are wanting to hire a bike but not hire a car.

You can ride all the way from Exeter Riverside up to the historic city of Totnes. We can set you up with fully safety checked and maintained bikes. Both our Livery Wharf and The Campsite are centrally located for hire. I took my first cycling holiday two years ago to the sleepy town of Etretat on the north coast of France. We hired tandem bikes then and whizzed up, down and all around the Normandy coast.

It was exhilarating. Looking for a bit of adventure on your ride, hire one of our tandem bikes. No letting up in the back though. Our traffic free routes are the perfect place to try it out. Steeped in history and culture, Brighton is the perfect destination for a relaxing weekend break. Nestled on the south coast of England, it has the charm and appeal of a seaside resort with a lively cultural scene all of its own.

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