Pubs Guide For Brighton

Pubs Guide For Brighton

The Black Lion

The Black Lion is a very nice restaurant, with a reputation for serving excellent food. I went there last year in October to celebrate when one of my work colleagues was leaving the company. It was a tradition at our company to have an evening meal at one of Brighton’s famous restaurants and spend the night celebrating. We used to have a lottery system where we would all chip in £5 each and the manager would buy the winning ticket.

This time however, I had decided to choose this particular restaurant based on past experience, but also because I knew I would get great quality food, unlike one of my previous favourites The Bevy-, Brighton Town Press ( The Black Lion comes with plenty of history attached to it, being a pub that has been refurbished over. One of the most well known pubs in Brighton, The Lanes, The Black Lion on Black Lion Street has a well deserved good reputation for its live music entertainment.

The Mesmerist

The Crisp Bread and Olives starter is a favourite of mine, coming in at just £3. 50 it is well worth ordering. The Classic Caesar salad is a great choice for small plates that comes in at just £3. 95. It might not look like a lot but it is enough to fill you up. It's the perfect size in my opinion and if you're wanting something more substantial you could order one of the larger plates, such as the braised lamb shoulder, or baked sea bass served with garlic mash and wilted greens.

The Mesmerist is one of the best eateries in Brighton and Hove. It’s a sexy bistro that's hard to leave, with a menu designed to impress your tastebuds. The parking bit: You can find a space directly opposite if you're lucky, or there is a pay & display meter around the corner in Paston Place. This pub is perfect to eat at any time of the day or night, as it serves breakfast as well! The best place to eat is upstairs where you can look out over the entire pub through several large windows.


In the heart of the city lies Brighton's oldest pub, The Cricketers. For anyone interested in ghosts and who would fancy visiting a pub known to be haunted this is the one for you!  It was over 400 years ago that an infamous local highwayman called John Dunning was hung outside the pub on what is now known as Execution Green. He had been captured, tried and convicted of numerous robberies and murders, but many people at the time believed his crimes to be much more terrifying.

Cricketers is located on East Street and offers a fantastic, local drinking and dining landmark. It has been serving the people of Brighton for over 450 Years, being one of the oldest pubs in Brightons history. But don’t let that put you off as Cricketers provides food of exceptional quality, with a menu to suit all tastes. The chefs are attentive, friendly and use fresh local ingredients to create a mouth watering feast for you to tuck into.

Brighton is the second largest city in the United Kingdom and is home to a variety of famous landmarks. It’s no wonder that the Brighton Ghost Walk attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. Every year people come from far and wide to experience this immersive dark walking tour into Brighton’s darker times. The Cricketers, a fine old Brighton pub was built in the 1500s and has played host to many a famous guest.

From tourists to locals all stand in awe of its timeless features and originality. Now more sought after for its delicious food and attentiveness to detail. The Cricketers is arguably the oldest pub in Brighton. Established in 1543 by German Hans Weiss as the King’s Head, it was where the town’s market traders broke their fasts before setting off to Brighton Racecourse. Chew on that next time you’ve got a hangover. We also have a highly popular blog offering honest, personal recommendations of places to stay and things to do.

The Hartington, Hanover

What we do at the Hartington is create really great food, at prices which dont make it an instant rival to your local. We dont like the term 'fast food'and would rather call it 'honest food'. Food that truly tastes good, doesnt cost a fortune and is prepared fresh when you want it, not hours in advance. That is why we avoid any of those dodgy additives or sprayed on nastiness we are simply interested in providing freshly prepared food which tastes great but costs less.

The Hanovers The Hartington is a pub I've been going to for a while. I first discovered it when I was waiting for a friend and decided to try the food. I got some sort of wrap (I don't remember the specifics) and fries. It was so delicious that I went back the next day with my girlfriend (now fiance). Since then we've gone there at least once a week. The Hartington is a restaurant/pub in the middle of Hanover Street, serving home cooked, well priced food throughout the day.

Paired with drinks from the bar and stunning views across town, this is the perfect place for friends and family to get together, have a meal or watch sport on TV over afternoon beers and Sunday roasts. For the vegetarians we offer a selection of fresh and imaginative vegetarian dishes that are second to none. A must for anyone visiting Hanover, the Hartington boasts a lively atmosphere, friendly staff and great value. The Hartington serves home cooked, well priced, honest pub fare from 12-5pm weekdays.

The Good Companions

Surviving the weekday lunchtime rush, working up a sweat as I battled through the heaving restaurant swatting my arms like a windmill in an attempt to keep warm in the middle of winter, all while being on a rather tight schedule, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at The Good Companions. Upon being seated, an attentive member of staff asked if I would like to order drinks immediately. I opted for a glass of rosé and some advice on what to order.

Last year when I was in London, there were two restaurants that I had to dine at. One of them was St John and the other was The Good Companions. For my level of excitement about the place, you would think it served up the best food in the world, but in reality, the truth is that it serves up delicious comfort food in a nice local atmosphere. Back in 1826, Joseph Salter and his wife Ann opened a shop at the heart of Seven Dials called The English Penny.

Hove Place

Hove Place is a great little pub in Hove next to the Grand Hotel. Posh people live in Hove well, posher than me anyway. Nice bit of Hove which when I first moved to Brighton, was fairly quiet compared to what it is now. My favourite time to go here, however, is on Sunday night with the Deal or No Deal crowd. Why? Cos that's when the beer gardens are open and full of punters.

Excellent fun and not too pricey. The food isn't as pricey as some places but then it isn't that amazing either. Still, if you go, sit outside (when it's nice weather) and they have specials on mains most nights. You can get a burger for. It’s been a while since I have reviewed the Hove Place Bistro but its always been a good venue despite the fact that its an oasis in an oasthouse. The food has however, recently improved (correct me if I am wrong) and its price is reasonable.

Their outside seating area is not as amazing as their Dalmonte gardens though, but it does get very busy on sunny days which might mean you can’t get a table outside anyway. All in all this is still one of my favourites for drinks or dinner. We all love Hove and some of our favourite haunts are The Cardinal on Church Road, The Terminus for lovely old fashioned fish and chips, the gorgeous little Hove Library, The Edward VII and the Tudor House Hotel.

And of course Hove Place is more than just a great pub and garden. It has a wonderful atmosphere that we have always enjoyed, especially in the summer when they have their lovely garden that you can enjoy over drinks or dinner. You wouldn't think it to look at it, but this is one of Hove's newest pubs. Built within the past couple of years, the inside of the Hove Place Bistro has a very sophisticated, modern feel to it.

It's actually quite a small pub, which helps to make that feel most of the seating is along the bar on the inside and there are a few tables outside in front of the building. We shall start with a couple of classics as we are, of course, big fans of the pub. The first is The Hove Place Gardens. The Hove Place is a tiny back street pub which has now been re-furbished and turned into a real community hub.

Completely transformed and its well worth going past with your friend to see the swimming pool tables and other gaming arcades. Solid wooden floors, low lighting, and a glass of chilled Pinot Grigio is EXACTLY what you need after a hard day at work! Add some homely food and friendly staff into the mix and you're at one with world. Yes it's pricey, but so worth it. Hove Place Bistro is just that bit different from all the other pubs in the area.

The Urchin

In July 2013, Brighton native Ben Mucklebone set out to create a whole new concept of a pub. After months of planning and preparation it was time to take his new business venture The Urchin, out of the garage and onto the streets. With a strict focus on serving amazing hand-picked shellfish and craft beer, The Urchin is a pubs haven for lovers of seafood and craft beer alike. The Urchin is the latest venture from James and Beth who opened their first restaurant, The Buffalo Club in Brighton in 2014.

Both foodies at heart, this independent venue was fuelled by a desire to create interesting, honest, seasonal British produce and a bit of a love of live music (the venue housed an 800 capacity live room) proved to be the catalyst for change. TheUrchin is a  shellfish  pub comprising a restaurant and bar. The menu comprises of prawns, lobster, crab and scallops. Seats 30 covers in the restaurant. The menu predominantly features prawns, lobster, crab and scallops.

At the bar we have over 100 craft beers available for your drinking pleasure. TheUrchin Brighton is a place where the very best quality seafood comes to the fore. It is also a place where you could call in for a drink, or two or three, and end the night without spending a fortune on drinks as well as food. That business went on to become The Good Companions, which has remained true to its original values and evolved into a sophisticated neighbourhood restaurant with rooms.

Sussex Ox

There are many great pubs and restaurants in the UK, but The Sussex Ox is an altogether more special affair. Located in Polegate, East Sussex, it’s got a warm, homely feel and lots of character. It’s definitely a pub that’s stood the test of time, with plenty of traditional features adorning the walls and ceilings. By happy coincidence they also have one or two beers brewed by local craft brewers so you can drink and support local at the same time.

Right, let’s be honest here for a second. When you hear country pub, the last thing you’d expect to find would be “platters all a cut above the standard fare. ” In case you were wondering, I didn’t make up this phrase up — rather, it is a direct quote from the menu at Sussex Ox in Polegate — a restaurant for those wanting something more elevated than your standard pub grub. The Sussex Ox is located in Polegate close to Eastbourne.

It’s well worth the drive if you are visiting the area. Their menu has seasonal dishes that change regularly, created by their chef who is a firm advocate of using local ingredients wherever possible. There are not many meals that I would describe as “finger licking good”, so you can image my surprise when the burger ordered from the new menu of The Sussex Ox in Polegate almost had me reaching for a napkin. The Sussex ox is located in the beautiful town of Polegate and is the ideal setting for a country pub lunch.

The building dates back to 1650 and has been serving customers since 1887. Sitting in the middle of Polegate is The Sussex Ox. It’s a quintessential country pub that attracts people from miles around to drink real ales and enjoy the countryside views. Pick from a selection of delicious wraps such as marinated pork, chicken goujon or tofu and add sides at the sort of price you d. Typically, our blog is longer than the “official” description on the services websites.

The New Inn

The New Inn is the sort of place you could easily imagine yourself returning to week after week, particularly as Sussex isn’t known for having many gastropubs. As a foodie, I was particularly interested in the menu. My friend and I sampled their afternoon tea, made with loose-leaf teas supplied by London Artisan teas, which provided high quality flavours with no unnecessary additives. The sandwiches were simple but high quality handmade fillings and the scones were cranberry and apple which went perfectly with the cream, jam and accompanying tea.

But The New Inn is more than just a gastropub. Though it’s an exciting venue to showcase their delicious grub, it was always the building, rebuild and its history that has most fascinated the owners, Jayne and Gary Bridge. It was a long journey to opening their doors – having been granted planning permission in January 2012 by Brighton and Hove City Council, owners Jayne and Gary Bridge were finally ready to open in February 2014.

The New Inn is just fifteen minutes away from Brighton, a beautiful village on the South Coast. It’s a perfect place to visit with family or friends for lunch or dinner to enjoy their delicious menu of modern and classic lunches. Highlights among their dishes include the Hurstpierpoint steak, their globally inspired pork belly buns and my personal favorite, half a grilled chicken with homemade tapenade. The New Inn features a Josper grill – a piece of kit that isn’t just stylish but also very efficient.

The Josper grill goes beyond the usual barbecue with its two unique design elements; a powerful gas-fuelled grilling system and an enormous infrared heat source which makes it 1000 times more effective than other bars. The Josper grill at The New Inn is pretty impressive with its retro inspired design. If you've been anywhere near southern England in the last couple of years, it's difficult not to have become at least aware of the Josper grill.

For those who haven't been paying attention, the Josper is a single piece of equipment purpose built for preparing charcuterie (that's meat cooked slowly over low heat). But it's not just about something to cook meat on, it's all about cooking meat right. If you don't know what the Josper grill is, feast your eyes on the picture above! The Josper grill is relatively new to the UK, but its popularity has rocketed over the last couple of years.

Wingrove House

The Regency-style Wingrove House is a family run hotel and restaurant in Alfriston, near Brighton and Hove. It was a private house until 1993 when it was converted into a hotel. It overlooks the South Downs National Park area of outstanding natural beauty. The long drive leading to the house has manicured shrubs and the lounge features leather sofas. The double rooms are furnished with decorative curtains and elegant wooden furniture. Each room has an en suite bathroom with bath and shower over, a hairdryer, toiletries and a TV with DVD player.

Guests can enjoy tasty meals in the formal dining room or on the terrace during the summer months. The bar is a cosy spot to relax with a traditional. A popular choice at the best of times, Wingrove House has gained an extra dimension in recent years since it has become an AA Rosette award winning restaurant. With such an enviable reputation for bespoke events menu creation, the team at  Wingrove House  are ready to produce appealing menus for any occasion.

Wingrove House is a 19th-century manor house set in 70 acres of parkland on the outskirts of Brighton. There are 6 luxurious bedrooms, private spa, restaurant, bar and courtyard available to hire for events. Wingrove House and Gardens is perfect for weddings, corporate events and parties. It was invented all the way back in 1989 by Reinhard Josenhans and has since been used in the kitchens of world famous restaurants such as Dalloyau in Paris.

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