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Brighton & Hove Buses New Ticket Scanners

New ticket scanning arrangements will start on Sunday 24th January 2016. Our ticket machines will stop issuing change and accept coins so it is important that customers get used to using the ticket scanning arrangements before that time. Face to face assistance is available at our main bus station ticket office, and at all our shop kiosks throughout the city. Therefore if you need help using the machines or just want a chat about travel in the city please don’t hesitate to visit one of these locations.

We are pleased to advise that our new ticket scanners are now operational on our busiest bus routes in the city, allowing us to check all fares and offer information and help to those who need it, Brighton Town Press ( The new machines mean we can check if you have a valid ticket before your journey begins, helping us to remove under-paid passengers from the network at peak times, ensuring those people that pay for their travel with a valid ticket travel on the buses.

The ticket scanning arrangements on the network have changed. We would like to let our customers know about this as well as provide information about a quality app we have developed that will help people find out which buses they should use to travel across our network. From Friday, 19 November 2016, Brighton & Hove Buses will introduce new ticket scanning arrangements for its customers to ensure all customers know about the help and support available should they have any questions or concerns.

Bus Service Changes From January2018

At the conclusion of the consultation we received 49 responses to the consultation. Thank you to everyone who took time to have their say. Following analysis and discussion, I've determined that the changes outlined in this consultation add positive value and should proceed as proposed. I believe this package of measures will enable us to respond to changing passenger demand and continue to meet our commitment for a high quality, safe, reliable and sustainable bus service in Brighton & Hove.

Have you seen the changes to bus services around Brighton and Hove coming from January 2018? We are releasing the new timetables for buses and coaches at 00. 00 on Thursday 3 January. These include changes to bus routes across the city. With a few exceptions, the main changes affect commercial services operated by Brighton & Hove Buses and Sussex Coaches. We are also introducing a new service in Worthing connecting dates with Brighton Pier on selected days of the month.

There will be a number of changes to local bus services during and after January 2018. The changes mainly affect commercial bus routes operated by Brighton & Hove Buses and Sussex Coaches, although some school buses and other services are also affected. There will be three changes that affect services in Brighton and Hove. Customers on these routes may need to take alternative services,and we are working with the bus operators to ensure that signs are displayed at bus stops.

Read the details of all changes to local bus services that are planned to take effect during or after January 2018. The changes mainly affect commercial bus routes operated by Brighton & Hove Buses and Sussex Coaches. Local bus services are changing significantly in a few weeks'time. Brighton & Hove Buses has been planning service changes since 2014, and they're making it easier for you to find the information you need. Good news, Brighton and Hove Bus customers As of Monday 2 January 2017, following over a year of preparation across our award-winning service, we will start the roll-out of new bus ticket scanning machines.

Service Update

Important service update: Due to a maintenance incident on Friday at our Datacenter in Frankfurt the Big Lemonand Breeze services are running pre-covid timetables. We are working round the clock to ensure these services are available again as soon as possible and apologise for any impact this may have caused. '. Service update. All Big Lemon and Breezewill be running pre-covid timetables from friday. There will be some slight changes to traffic patterns in both directions, that being said it should not effect any routes.

East Sussex Credit Union Young Savers Can Save 10% On Citysaver And Networksaver Annual Bus Tickets

If you are aged between 5 and 15, you can save 10% on CitySaver and NetworkSaver annual tickets on Brighton & Hove Buses in East Sussex. This discount is available for young savers who are members of ESCU. To get this discount, apply for your ESCU membership using the form here. (Please note the link will take you to an external website. ). East Sussex Credit Union (ESCU) is delighted to inform you about the special 10% discount on the price of CitySaver and NetworkSaver annual bus tickets for its young savers anyone under 25.

Breeze Out Of Brighton On The Bus

In the past couple of years, major changes have been made to bus services in Brighton. The service to the South Downs was opened in late 2015, convincing people to leave their cars at home and use public transport instead. Just a few months ago, new routes were introduced to Ditchling Beacon and Lewes (A road). So it's no wonder this brochure has made an appearance it will take you to some of Brighton's most exciting tourist attractions with amazing views from where you'd never expect them.

The latest edition of Brighton and Hove Buses’ Breeze brochure has been produced in partnership with the city council and Brighton and Hove Bus & Coach Company. There are four different circular route maps from Brighton to the South Downs National Park, the city’s heritage coastline, Hastings, Seaford and Eastbourne. Visitors can jump on a bus from the centre of Brighton, for example at No 1 London Road or Churchill Square and get off at an attraction to visit for half an hour.

Changes To The Number 16 From 17 June 2019

Serving both of Portslade’s railway stations, the 16 bus will take you through a series of different places in Portslade. Starting off outside Hangleton & Knoll railway station, the bus then goes to the town centre via Jamaica Road and Gallows Corner. From here it then goes to Aldrington Station via Portslade Station Road, Queen’s Road and Aldrington Road. The main journeys on the route are between Hangleton & Knoll and Portslade where the service calls at stops in The Level, Portslade Gate, Pitfield Street, South Street and Trafalgar Square.

There are also direct journeys for key destinations eg Brighton University, Westdene (The Level) and Vale College. Franchise buses have been operating on route 16 since 5th September 2013. It is a long established route, which used to operate between Hangleton and Brighton via Old Steine, Western Road & Dyke Road (as 8) before becoming part of the Clockways network in the early 2000s. The timetable for The Big Lemon's number 16 bus, which between Hangleton & Knoll and Portslade covers the University of Brighton, the Old Steine and Kemp Town (including the beach) plus Hove Park and Black Rock.

Number 16 is one of our most popular services, providing links between Hangleton & Knoll and Portslade town centre with 2 direct buses an hour. With the summer holidays around the corner, local people can get out and about using a range of day trip-style services. A new, bright orange brochure has been published listing 30 local bus routes that link up Brighton and Hove with the beautiful South Downs National Park and other attractions.

Children Travel For Free On Brighton & Hove Buses Services.

Children under 11 years of age travel for free on all services in Brighton & Hove and Worthing so you’re always best to have kids with you. And if they’re under 5, there’s no payment at all. There are a number of other concessions depend on things like your annual income. The easiest way to find out if you qualify for some kind of reduction is to go here:  Travel concessions in Sussex. We understand this proposal might cause some concern to parents who use this stop.

Sunday Buses To Henfield & Horsham Saved!

The announcement in the summer that the Sunday services between Brighton, Horsham, Cowfold & Henfield might be scrapped has brought into focus the vulnerability of our rural communities.  By last Tuesday morning 500+ people had signed a petition to keep the buses and it's now approaching 1,000 signatures. It's been encouraging to see so many people become involved in the campaign; there have been meetings with local councillors, evening public meetings, and numerous tweets and Facebook messages created by people being angry at the service being threatened.

And then just a few minutes before yesterday's public meeting Sussex Coaches announced that they are taking over the service on 3rd December. Another Sunday bus service is saved! This time it’s the route between Brighton, Henfield, Partridge Green, Cowfold and Horsham that will be remaining under the ownership of Sussex Coaches. The route previously operated by Miller’s of Shoreham had been facing uncertainty as Transport for London were ready to pull out of funding.

There has been much anger on twitter regarding the loss of the Sunday bus route between Brighton, Henfield, Partridge Green, Cowfold and Horsham which was operated by Brighton & Hove Bus Co. Ltd. It has now come to light that Sussex Coaches will be taking over the service starting from the 28th October 2014. A double-decker bus service between Brighton, Henfield, Partridge Green, Cowfold and Horsham is to be re-routed and re-branded after being taken over by a Brighton firm.

Sussex Coaches says the Sunday bus service is being 'saved'from a previous operator who had been due to scrap it at the end of March. '. On Sunday, August 2nd, a new bus service was introduced to passengers between Brighton and Horsham. The new company ‘Sussex Coaches’ is taking over responsibility of the former route 403 from Stagecoach. However there are three alternative stops located nearby. The distance between these alternative stops and Roedean School is approximately the same distance as between the existing stop and Roedean School however they are located on safer roads.

Helping Hand

HELPING HAND is a simple and subtle way for passengers who may need extra help to ask directly and quickly for what they need. The idea behind the scheme whether a person needs directions, helps with equipment or assistance with boarding is that bus drivers have the time (during the safety briefing) to give clear information about how to get what is needed. They are also trained as part of DfT's disability awareness training to be able to assist people if they need it.

As you know, we have all kinds of people on public transport. Some people are elderly and may need more time or assistance to board the bus. Others may be visually impaired and need directions at your bus stop or to help them find or position themselves safely on the bus. Still others have a hearing impairment and need some form of communication – text, sign language or audio – to communicate with the driver about their next stop.

A good bus driver should be able to sense when a passenger needs help, but this is not always possible. With Helping Hand, people who need little extra support will get the help they need quickly, without causing disruption to others. This helps improve the experience of everyone using our bus services. James Faulkner, Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, said:"Helpng Hand will make a real difference to the bus network by providing a discreet way for passengers who may need a little extra help to tell the driver, thus giving them the opportunity to get off at their stop more easily".

Disruption To Bus And Rail Services

In the event of disruption to bus and rail services, you can check how buses and trains are running at or Alternatively,you can phone traveline on Brighton Town Press (, Brighton & Hove Buses on Brighton Town Press ( or National Rail Enquiries on Brighton Town Press ( Blackpool’s public transport network has been forced to alter many of its services due to the snow. You can keep up-to-date with the latest information on website www.

blackpooltrains. infoor by calling train operators on Brighton Town Press ( orNational Rail Enquiries on Brighton Town Press ( (Calls cost 10p/min). Everybody travelling by bus or train today should be aware that there are multiple disruptions affecting routes in and around Brighton & Hove due to high winds. Replacement road transport has been arranged and is being provided by Brighton & Hove Buses. You may have seen the Helping Hand scheme before while travelling on London's buses. Basically, it's a scheme that allows passengers who may need extra help to ask discreetly, directly and quickly by showing a basic instruction card to the driver when boarding the bus.

New Plusbus Gives Massive Savings On Combined Rail & Bus Travel!

Did you know that many of our train stations have bus services that use the same ticket? That's right. Using just one ticket, you can travel to or from 90% of UK towns and cities by train then continue your journey with a bus, saving time and money. The new PLUSBUS ticket allows you to do just this saving you even more money off your rail & bus travel than before. Plus if you're travelling in two or more adults, there's a family ticket available.

Use the search tool below to get an idea of how much you could save. New PLUSBUS at budget prices. The new PLUSBUS ticket is here and it's cheaper than ever before! If you want to travel further or more often on the train, the cost of getting by bus can really add up. With PLUSBUS you can now buy a range of combinations that can save you money when travelling from Birmingham to Bath.

With the launch of PLUSBUS, National Express are hoping to revolutionise rail and bus travel for millions of customers across the UK. By creating a ticket that combines rail and bus travel as one journey, the exclusive deal will enable passengers to save £250 million pounds a year. You can now save even more money on rail and bus travel when you take the bus part of your journey with National Express West Midlands. Benefit from huge savings of up to £50 when you travel between any two main rail stations by bus with PLUSBUS.

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