Brighton New Years Plans

Brighton New Years Plans

Our Spectacular Setting

The spectacular setting of the British Airways i360 will be decked in lights as you celebrate an unforgettable evening with family and friends. I am delighted to have joined British Airways as Marketing Manager to work on this exciting project for Brighton.  I couldn’t think of a better place to live and work – the perfect place to have your wedding day. A spectacular setting is the foundation of a celebration. Our spectacular setting is Brighton, one of the most vibrant cities in the UK.

As the sun sets over Brighton, guests will be driven across the water to the iconic British Airways i360 tower, that will become a spectacular display of sparkling lights, Brighton Town Press ( The terrace upstairs will be embellished with lights and sound. Our entertainment team will be providing you with a playlist of classic tailoring music, with the twist of contemporary hits. You'll boogie in the spotlight as you enjoy a second drink. The dinner will be served in the evening, around 7.

15pm. We encourage you to dress smart-casual. Please be at the pier to take your seats approximately ½ hour before (6. 30pm). A bar will also be available, selling drinks and glasses of wine. The spectacular setting will be paired with unforgettable views over Brighton and beyond. You can dance the night away, take in the vista of the Brighton Pier or gaze out to sea. It is a truly unique setting for an unforgettable evening.

Midnight Flight

The sky is black and the sea is a million diamonds. Brighton Beach, pier concerts, pirate ships. everything is so close. Im looking down, feeling on top of the world. The bells and whistles are ringing, the party horn is blowing, fireworks are sparkling up in the New Year and I’m having a celebration with everyone. A year-long diary of events marking the most important award in architecture and design will kick off with one of the most exciting events of the season.

The winners, from all 44 shortlisted practices, have been announced and will be unveiled at an exclusive event on 27 September 2019 in the Sussex countryside. How will you greet the New Year? Will it be with a night full of noise making and merry-making, or will you choose a more reflective approach to entering the next decade? For me, it’s always been about the latter. Small gatherings made up of family and close friends are how I like to usher in the New Year.

The New Year is coming, so we make a plan of how to celebrate that night. One young man want to visit festival, one have to leave the city for New Year. However, they'll meet at 11. 45 pm in the British Airways i360 pod for a magical midnight flight. What would you do on that night?. Gather your friends and family around for a spectacular midnight flight. Book now to make the most of our last flights of the year.

Brighton New Years Eve

Hope everyone had a good Christmas season, and hope everyone will get to spend their New Years in good company.  With Brighton being in tier 2 for new years eve, we wont have access to seeing it in in the usual way of a big city (like London or Birmingham) with lots of people gathered together t see it.  This year, weve had to think outside the box to come up with our own ideas of how to see new years in.

 Below, im going to share some great ways to see new years in Brighton and Hove. New years eve is probably the only time where opening a restaurant or bar really makes sense. Theres no way in hell people are cooking a meal for themselves, and going out on NYE has become part of the social norm.  So if you want to whet your appetite for a new year of creative disruption, below weve covered numerous different ways to pass your evening, and good luck out there.

The New Years Eve Fireworks in Brighton have always been a special affair. From the beach huts, to the shingle beach, and all those wonderful people that live in the city, you can be sure that you will not be let down by your fellow denizens of Brighton, or any of the other 4 million(?) people that come into town for a gander at the show. In proper British fashion, weve got it all wrapped up.

Dressing up in warm layers, climbing a big hill and burning a bonfire. Then once the fireworks are done, we politely stand around making small talk for an hour or so before toddling off to bed, safe in the knowledge that tomorrow is a public holiday and everyone will be back at work. New Years Eve is a celebration of the year that’s ending, and a chance to break out of your normal routines. As we get to the end of our worst year yet, maybe it’s time to start planning next years resolutions too? This article gives you seven great places to celebrate the new year in Brighton, with something for everyone.

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