Brighton Marathon Guide

Brighton Marathon Guide

When Is The 2021 Brighton Marathon?

The 2021 Brighton Marathon, run as part of the Brighton and Hove Athletic Club, will be held on Sunday 18 April 2021.  It will be the 59th running of the marathon, a race that has been included in the World Road Running Championships since 2000. The weather for the 2021 event will be near to average for mid-April in Brighton. It should be sunny with temperatures around 16 degrees centigrade (60 degrees fahrenheit). When is the 2021 Brighton Marathon? 'tis the question on many rosy-cheeked runners'lips, especially those who have already joined the tens of thousands of other runners scheduled to toe the mark in this popular race.

Well, I'm here to tell you that you could join tens of thousands of other runners too, as long as you register for the 2019 London Marathon, Brighton Town Press ( The 2021 Brighton Marathon is yet to take place and there is no way of knowing what the exact date will be. This page gives you details about the dates for future Brighton Marathons – whether it's the 2022, 2023, 2024 or any other year. The next Brighton Marathon will be on Sunday April 18th, 2021 with 30,000 participants.

The earlier that you sign up for the Brighton Marathon the more likely you are to get the date that you want. We'll be announcing ticket registration dates in 2019.  Make sure you have the  Brighton Marathon app  on your phone or tablet to get exclusive access to ticket pre-sale dates. The next Brighton Marathon is on Sunday 15 April 2019. The following year is April 2020, followed by April 2021. It’s a small airport and only has two terminals which can make moving around the airport much easier – perfect if you’re in a rush.

When Does The Entry Open For The 2021 Brighton Marathon?

The date for the next round of entries are set. As well as the Brighton Marathon, London and Tokyo will also open in May. The Tokyo Marathon is very popular with Brits, but this year it’ll be held on a Sunday (9th March) and London Marathon is also held in April. This leaves Brighton as the only true spring marathon next year. It'll take place on Sunday 26th April 2021. The 2021 Brighton Marathon takes place on Sunday 10 September.

It is the 33rd running of the event and, for the next two years at least, will be Britain's only major marathon in Spring. All other British marathons take place in October or November. Yesterday, I wrote about the cut off date for entering a spring marathon. This really motivated me to get an early entry in for next years Brighton Marathon. So, today, I put my money where my mouth is and entered the marathon on Saturday morning.

The entry for next years race opens at 8am on Saturday 9 May. Organisers are expecting entries to sell out quickly, potentially due to the lack of spring marathons this year. You can enter the 2021 Brighton Marathon here. The entry for next years Brighton Marathon opens on Saturday May 9 at 8am, with all but the top category places put up for grabs. Air transport is provided by the nearby City Airport (owned by Network Rail and operating on behalf of Brighton and Hove Council) in Shoreham-by-Sea, which serves destinations in the UK and Europe.

When Will I Need To Start Training For The Brighton Marathon?

Before you can train for any race, you need to plan what you are going to do and set yourself a goal. Its not just about turning up on the day. Set yourself small steps to achieve your goal. For example, you know that all you have to do is turn up on the day but set yourself small targets like taking it easy during the week and using long runs to build up your stamina.

You can break down your training into 6-8 weeks blocks for each section of training before it tapers off. A few weeks may seem like a long time but if you have planned it correctly, it will give you time to train effectively so that you can get the most benefit out of it by the end of 16 weeks training for the. Many people have asked me whether I can share my schedule with them, and its difficult to answer this without seeing a specific schedule.

To be honest, it depends on when you would need to start training for the Great Run series Brighton Marathon 2021. I feel like I’ve been training for the 2021 Brighton Marathon for as long as I can remember. The start time was announced at the end of 2018, so it’s been a couple of years now and I am nowhere near the finishing line. Is the Brighton Marathon your first ever marathon?.  Then you should start training for the 2021 Brighton Marathon a week earlier than those of us taking part in our next one.

How Do I Get To The Start Line?

The weather could be warm, like the 2012 start line where many runners wore shorts and T-Shirts to begin with. Brighton is known for its unpredictable weather and often it could be quite cold, especially in the morning. It won’t be as sunny as you’re imagining right now, either. There'll probably be rain and wind when you're running along the sea wall and heading towards Rottingdean so don’t panick, our route will get you there.

I have never run a marathon in my life. in fact, I have never been much of a runner at all. But you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be running the Brighton Marathon next April to raise money for The MS Trust. I've run the London Marathon 4 times and did the Great North Run a couple of times too, but feel like it's time to be more brave than this and get myself off the couch and into some exercise.

The Brighton Marathon starts in Preston Park and finishes on Madeira Drive. It's an event that might be new to you but one that is packed with feel-good factor especially if it is your first marathon. But, what do you need to know? How can you make sure you are fully prepared and in the best possible shape to cross the finish line?. This year I’m running Brighton Marathon – or as it’s widely known, the Seagull Droppings.

Can I Wear Headphones?

I don’t run with headphones because I prefer the sense of freedom that comes with being outdoors, and running by myself. I am also paranoid that they will fall off and get lost if I run with them, which would be awful. The organisers of the big marathons have taken the sensible attitude that if you don’t want to listen to music, you can just keep your ears open. Is it okay to wear headphones when you are running a marathon? That is what I want to answer with this post.

Will it distract you from ‘hearing’ noises that could potentially save your life? Or will it help you run more relaxed and not listen to the other runners? There are many things to think about when deciding if you should be allowed to wear headphones. As a lot of you know, i recently did the Brighton marathon. During training i was quite strict with myself about my headphones and only used them on the track once i had warmed up.

I did this because of the dangers that can come from wearing them when running, and also because of what some people might call boring music… i just called it good music. The issue with running with headphones is that you may not hear people shouting if they need to pass you or the race organisers warning you of an obstruction just ahead (like a police car). So although many marathon runners run wearing their iPods, I would strongly recommend that you dont.

How Do I Get My Race Number?

For the 2014 Brighton Marathon on Sunday 16 th April, you can collect your race number in one of three ways: In person – pick up your race pack at WELCOME CENTRE in the Event Village (Brighton sea front) on Sunday 16 th April between 0700 and 0800. I have seen previous reviews that the registration is slow and the queue to get your numbers are long – anticpate a 2 hour wait. Two runner weeks before race day – you will be asked to pick up your race number for collection on Friday 14th April.

If you are unable to collect the number, someone else is allowed to do it for you and this must be done online. For the last four years, parkrun has been held in the beautiful Black Park in Southampton. A short walk along the seafront to get to the start line! The race village is still in Black Park, but on the opposite side of the road from the start line. You will be able to park at Black Park and follow directions as you come into event village.

However, in 2014, if you are registering for the first time for any Brighton Half Marathon, Brighton 10k or Brighton 5k race series event, then you will be sent your race number and chip by post a week prior to the event. You will need to bring photo ID with you on the day to register and collect it. There is a smaller GZRS support station at the finish line, but if you are not staying in GZ, you should collect your number from the Event Village.

This year's event village is located on Hong Kong Drive on the opposite side of the finish line (North) to last year. The big difference for our 2016 event is that your race pack will not be in the village. Instead, we are offering a new self-collect service for runners to collect their packs. Although there are certain rules while running the Brighton Marathon, you can wear your headphones, but do be mindful of safety issues.

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